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by  | Oct 29, 2021


This project is the installation of a watertight System O)) at a center

for up to 250 children and adolescents who live on the streets or who are in high risk situations and require rehabilitation. The system was designed to

passively treat and recover the wastewater. The treated wastewater is

recovered and held in a holding tank to be used to irrigate green

spaces. With no moving parts or filter media to replace or break, the

watertight System O )) was the most cost-effective, long-lasting and

efficient option.


The System O)) is preceded by a primary treatment. Raw wastewater

leaving the center is collected in a septic tank with an effective volume

of 18,000 L. Inside the septic tank, the wastewater separates into layers

as the fats float to the top and the solids sink to the bottom of the tank.


The effluent of the septic tank flows by gravity into a main distribution

box that evenly distributes effluent to four other distribution boxes. Each

of these four distribution boxes distributes wastewater evenly into five

rows of Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes. The proper functioning

of the System O)) depends on a uniform distribution of

wastewater between the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipe rows. This is

achieved with the help of equalizers installed inside the distribution box.

These equalizers have weirs that are manually adjusted by a dial during

the installation. These are the only moveable parts in the entire system.

Once they are set during the installation, they don’t need to be adjusted

again. The treated effluent of the system is recovered and collected in a

holding tank to be reused.


This waterlight System O)) uses one cell consisting of 20 rows of

Advanced Enviro))Septic (AES) pipes for a total of 100 pipes. The

wastewater flows along the length of the AES rows where it is

treated by bacteria living in the aes pipes and in the filter sand

during the infiltration process.


Underneath the System O)), there is a watertight membrane and a

network of collection pipes. All of the water that is treated by the

System O)) is recuperated by this network and directed towards

a pumping station where it is then pumped into a recovered water

holding tank. The water in this tank can then be used for



Previously, with the conventional system, everything was automated until

the equipment electromechanical equipment begins to fail, and the plant

has ceased to operate with the consequent problem of contamination of

water unsuitable for reuse. What’s more, the System O installation)) does

not require any maintenance and there is no filter media to change or

mechanical part that can break. Today, since the installation of our

System O)) in 2018, the client was able to save up to 80% in drinking

water and electricity.


To learn more about this installation and see by yourself, the treatment results, please download the case study using the link below.

Download Case study

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